Crusade for a New Humanity Foundation supports those in need

Continuing its social work for the benefit of poor people, the Crusade for a New Humanity Foundation, founded and chaired by businessman Alvaro Noboa Ponton and directed by Mariano Santos, helped with economic contributions several sick people, who presented their requests.

Nancy Corozo Luzuriaga, 57, received aid to get treatment of dental plates. She was a contributor to the Foundation in the 90s.

Jontahan Cevallos, 23, is the father of 4 year-old Moises Cevallos, and thanks to the support of the foundation, he may pay prescriptions for his son, who is receiving medical treatment.

Also on last Friday, Elena Rugel Mora, 67, went to the foundation to receive the funding she needs to continue her son’s epilepsy treatment that he currently suffers.

Actions of the Crusade for a New Humanity Foundation are directed towards poor people, who do not have resources to buy medicine or to pay for medical treatments. It also supports entrepreneurial work, helping those who need capital to grow their businesses, creating jobs for themselves and their families.