Alvaro Noboa: Over 33 years of charitable work

Alvaro Noboa has over 33 years of charitable work. The newspaper El Universo published an important article about the foundation on July 14, 2011.


Although his vision clouded by cataracts prevents you clearly see what is going on around him, Vicente Jurado, 76, continues to manufacture and fixing wheelchairs.

“I’m blind and work alone, he sold what little I use to survive,” said Jurado, who three decades ago keeps your business on the corner of Babahoyo and Camilo Destruge.

Two years ago his business was to break, because I had no money to buy replacements. This situation is realized connecting the guides of the New Humanity Crusade Foundation, who run through grassroots and manage micro-credit to those in need.

With this “divine little help,” as he calls the loan, Jury continued its business. “I do not know what to do, I thought of closing, but the foundation and my effort could succeed,” he said, adding it now expects the institution to manage the operation of their eyes.

Crusade New Humanity, created on November 21, 1977 by Alvaro Noboa, began its work with the implementation of neighborhood libraries in the areas Guasmo north, south and central Fertisa, Flor de Bastion, Malvinas, among other areas, in order to offer the community a tool to strengthen the academic preparation of the inhabitants.

In addition, the guides, who visit these areas every 15 days, linking groups created for youth to spend their free time in productive activities such as craft courses.

Another service offered by the foundation are the medical brigades, which until last week 7,614 people attended in different parts of the country. Among them, the La Chala, where last Friday 200 people attended and gave bonds for surgery and three wheelchairs.

Among the beneficiaries was Katherine Valdez, 17, who became disabled two years ago because of the impact of a stray bullet.

To move, the lowest paying a wheelchair to a neighbor of his neighborhood in Durham. “I’m happy because finally I will move on my own,” said Valdez, who said that next year will resume his studies, which were abandoned when he suffered the accident.

New Humanity Crusade medical tracking of patients with diseases such as cancer, diabetes and hypertension, at your local Pier 512 and Thomas Martinez.

Part of the funds of the foundation comes from the German organization Hilfe Guayas, Ecuador, Hamburg. Since 1999 began Banana Plan, which would provide bananas, greens, pineapple, among other foods, children and old soup kitchen. For information call the following numbers: 233-0638 and 230-7276.