Alvaro Noboa supervises all the work done by the foundation and sends medical teams to regions with insufficient resources to cover healthcare. The foundation has also provided computers with Internet connection to schools and artificial limbs to the disabled. In addition, the foundation has provided footballs to the children and youth in poor areas, bringing the message of “Do Sports, No Drugs.” This same phrase is printed on the many sports shirts provided by the foundation.

On a daily basis, the Foundation travels to various poor areas in the cities of Guayaquil, Quito, Babahoyo, Portoviejo Rocafuerte, Tosagua, Pedernales and Cuenca.

Alvaro Noboa has donated computers with free Internet service to poor students in the country, giving them the opportunity to connect with educational and cultural information centers worldwide. Thus, students can extend their knowledge, and teachers can also train themselves in the use of this important tool which contributes to improve the quality of education in the country.

Philanthropist Alvaro Noboa has visited several schools. In each visit, he has brought computers and printers with free Internet service. These schools were: Calisto Carmen Borgia, Mercedes Ycaza de Roldós, Cacique Tomalá Portaluppi, Alfredo Gaston Calderon Sotomayor, Republica del Libano, Quito, Arturo Euclided Mason, Luis Poveda Orellana, Augusto Pazmiño, Francisco Cevallos, Nueva  Aurora, Bloque 21 Flor de Bastion, Bolivar Bajaña Cali, Carmen Solis Pita, Colegio Español, and Angel Pedro Giler.

As a result, the Crusade for the New Humanity Foundation has donated hundreds of computers to public schools in several provinces throughout the country.