Alvaro Noboa Foundation Assistance for Sick Ecuadorians

This week we will recall some of the cases in which The Alvaro Noboa Foundation has provided assistance over the years.

Five years ago, Félix Macias had a medical check up because of leg pain. Some weeks later, the doctors told him that his leg would have to be amputated because of his diabetes. Since then, he has had to deal with his illness by taking costly medicines and following a special diet. He also need to visit doctors frequently and it was not possible for him to continue paying his medical bills. This is when the Alvaro Noboa Foundation came to help him.

Another important case involved María Elena Vizcaíno whose daughter had problems with her backbone since 2001. The Alvaro Noboa Foundation gave her a wheel chair and helped her finance physical therapy. After she started walking, they helped her buy the orthopedics neededfor her legs.