Alvaro Noboa Foundation – Helping people in need – December 13th 2013

On December 13th, following its long standing tradition in helping people, the Alvaro Noboa Foundation proceeded to give checks that helped citizens from Guayaquil to cure their illness.

People helped on December 13th, 2013:

– Blanca Guzhnay – An elderly woman that had pain when walking.

– Segundo Carvajal Campozano – A legally blind man that had constant head aches and liver dysfunction. He was helped to have an MRI.

– Zoila Belnacazar Murillo – An elderly woman who received two checks: one to perform a thorough medical exam and another for buying medicines.

– Tania Azucena Vargas Rosado – her daughter has a liver infection and the treatment is costly and long.

– Hugo Enríquez Suarez – a man that suffers from hypertension.