“Nueva Esperanza” Committee works with New Humanity Crusade Foundation


Founder members of the “Nueva Esperanza” Committee

For almost 32 years the “Nueva Esperanza” (New Hope) Committee has worked closely with the New Humanity Crusade Foundation to help the people of the Guasmo Norte sector.

Betty Arroyo, President of the “Nuevos Horizontes” (New horizons) community and a member of the “Nueva Esperanza” Committee, said: “We have always carried out activities with the foundation as handicraft workshops for women, lectures, and libraries.”

This Thursday, May 22, she and members of the committee participated in the completion of a medical brigade in the Cooperative New Horizons. “With Dr. Anabella Azin we used to tour the villages carrying out brigades, which have always been prompt and now we are happy because these brigades have come to our sector.”

Betty and her colleagues inform the community of the activities carried out by the New Humanity Crusade Foundation (CNH for its acronym in spanish), which are then disclosed among people.

Rosa Silva, a representative of New Horizons, said: “With Mr. Noboa we have even participated in the activities. He does not care about the mud. We have walked through the mud with him and we have helped people.”