Alvaro Noboa Foundation – Helping people on February 14th 2014

On February 14th, 2014, the Alvaro Noboa Foundation provided help and resources to Ecuadorian citizens, who need assistance. Here is a small photo gallery.

Photo #1 Gabriel Mendez Ordoñez received money in order to open his own lottery stand.
Photo #2 Digna Rosado Hidalgo is receiving her 3rd help from the foundation. She is receiving money for a liver examination.
Photo #3 Elena Álvarez Quichimbo is receiving money in order to buy medicine. She suffers from epilepsy.
Photo #4 Victor Caveza Hurtado, besides not being able to see, received help for buying medicine for a viral infection.
Photo #5 The wife of Marcos Espinoza Ochoa received help to open his own business, selling lottery.