Financial assistance for people of limited resources

Gaspar Ronaldo, 16, will have his school supplies thanks to the support the foundation of businessman/philanthropist Alvaro Noboa. Gaspar said he felt grateful and happy.

Leslie Saltos Ortiz, 21, knew she had a vision problem but due to the lack of financial resources she couldn´t see a specialist. Now, with the support of the Foundation of Alvaro Noboa, she will have the special glasses she needs. “Thank God and Mr. Alvaro Noboa for the help,” said the mother of Leslie Saltos.

A display cabinet to sell juices was requested by Luz Maria Nieves, 62, to include in her small business of fried fish and corviche, the same she runs in her house, located in the new Prosperina area.

“Mr. Noboa is an excellent person, humanitarian, with a noble heart. I am very grateful for helping me many times and I ask God to fill him up with blessings,” said Luz Maria.

 Alfredo Lara, 66, will be able to undergo an eye surgery. This is the second time he approaches the foundation, for that reason he says  he will always be grateful to Mr. Noboa for helping him.

Antonia Murillo, 34, was a street vendor but with the help of the foundation, she will start her own business at home, located at Mount Sinai, where she will sell soft drinks, water and gelatin.
“I am very grateful to God and Mr. Noboa.”

Angel Fabricio Garcia, a disabled person with health problems, will undergo surgery. He expressed his gratitude to the foundation in  sign language.

Juan Valverde, 57, who in the past received support from the foundation, requested financial assistance to repair his brochettes cart. Mr. Noboa is a nice person, there is nobody like him, excuse me for my tears, I am so grateful.”