Foundation provides financial assistance to ill people


Rina Centeno, 21, has hearing and speech disabilities, her mother is the one who takes care of her, for this reason she came for the second time to the Foundation of businessman/philanthropist Alvaro Noboa, to seek for assistance to buy medicines and and undergo an ultrasound examination due to polycystic ovaries.

I am very grateful to Mr. Noboa, and I hope that God continues blessing him so he continues helping poor people,” said Rina’s mother.

Julia, mother of Rosa Maria Cifuentes, 10, asked for help to buy medicines for her daughter´s treatment for nervous breakdowns and seizures.

I am very grateful because sometimes I´m unemployed and I can´t buy the medicines,” said Julia.

Hugo Oviedo, 42, has suffered from bone cancer for the past 4 years, something that prevents him from working.

Thanks to the help of the foundation his leg will be treated, since this would probably be amputated.