New Humanity Foundation offers

Fernando Baquerizo, 56, works as a street vendor, has a son who studies at college and thanks to the foundation he will be able to buy his medicines.
“I thank God and Mr. Noboa for the help.”
Bernardo Franco, 51, is a tetraplex and requested financial assistance to the foundation to buy merchandise to continue working as a street vendor. “I´m very happy, thank God and Mr. Noboa.”
Flor Henandez, 66, has tuberculosis, is stable but needs her medications. “I appreciate the help of Mr. Noboa.”
Martha Castro, 54, sought help from the foundation for the treatment of her 18-year-old son who is on drugs. She is a single mother and works as a street vendor. “I am happy and very grateful.”


Elisa Orellano, 56, has epilepsy and the foundation always supports her financially to buy her medications. “I´m very grateful because I have no support from my family.”
Carlos Ramirez, 67, will be able to buy the glasses her granddaughter needs. “I am grateful to God and Mr. Noboa; I hope he continues performing this incredible labor.”
The foundation delivered a wheelchair to Walter Echevarria, who has mobility difficulties, in addition to clothing for his personal use.