Social Aid of the Crusade Foundation New Humanity

Luis Fernando Alvarado, 73, received financial help to pay a pacemaker due to his heart failure. “I would like to thank to God and Mr. Noboa.”
Delfa Garcia, 83, will buy the medicine she needs. She had an accident and injured her left shoulder. “I´m very grateful to the Mr. Noboa.”
Doris Arteaga, 50, will be able to repair her house, which was affected by the earthquake of April 16. “I´m thankful, satisfied with this help. I thank Mr. Alvaro Noboa and his Foundation.”
Santa Cevallos, 50, has a daughter with cerebral palsy and needs medication to counteract her seizures. “I will be forever grateful to Mr. Alvaro Noboa.”
Jose Luis Altamirano, 35, is blind and asked financial assistance to the foundation to buy keyrings so that he can sell them. “I thank Mr. Noboa for this help.”