Social help Fundation

Germán Blum Palacios, 53, requested financial aid to the Cruzada Nueva Humanidad foundation to buy his medicines because he suffers from chronic cirrhosis. “I am grateful to the Foundation and its director Álvaro Noboa for his immense help those in need,” were Blum’s grateful words.

Margarita Benalcazar, 65, requested financial aid to pay for her utility bills because of her precarious economic situation. “I thank God and Mr. Alvaro Noboa for this help, may God protect him,” Margarita said happily.
Monserrate Bonilla, 68, asked for medical help for her daughter, who suffered a traffic accident. Monserrate thanked the foundation led by philanthropist Alvaro Noboa for his invaluable help to people in need.
Rubén Flores, 36, and president of an association of people with disabilities, sought financial assistance to purchase machinery for the wheelchair workshop he leads. “We are grateful for this contribution, we are very grateful,” concluded Flores.