250 new health beneficiaries served by Alvaro Noboa’s brigades


Crusade for a New Humanity Foundation, founded and presided by Lawyer Alvaro Noboa, and directed by Mariano Santos, serves people of limited resources with economic aid through social labor within the areas of education, health, employment and sports. This time the organization provided free medical attention to the populous sector of 26 and Q, located in the Suburbio oeste of the city.

Since its creation, until today, the Foundation has served around 13.000 patients, and so far this year, 1.222 people has benefited from the services in different provinces of Ecuador, receiving financial aid, free medicines and medical care from the medical brigades managed by Dr. Jenny Arteaga.

Continuing with its solidarity mission, Mariano Santos delivered last Tuesday financial aid to Petra de los Angeles Brito and Rosa Rosales, so both can receive medical attention in Solca and be able to continue with their cancer treatment.

Today’s medical brigade, in the Suburbio oeste, provided care for 250 people approximately.

Dr. Virginia Clavijo was in charge of attending patients of various ages who presented epidemiological indicators of flu, cough, fever and diarrhea, but in most cases, elderly patients with hypertension problems were taken care of.

To treat the health conditions of the patients, Dr. Clavijo prescribed antibiotics, anti-flu and antidiarrheal medicines, and pills to control high blood pressure. All the medicines were delivered with no cost, by the Foundation.

Carmen Garcia was one of the beneficiaries, she said that thanks to Alvaro Noboa and the Foundation Cruzada Nueva Humanidad, her son can be treated for his flu, without paying anything and in an expedite way, in contrast to hospitals where she has to wait for hours to be served.

In the same way Jorge Velez, another of the beneficiaries, also felt very happy to be able to count with this kind of help; he suffers from arterial hypertension and said that thanks to the medicine he received through the Foundation he will be able to keep his blood pressure under control and prevent future health problems.