FCNH assists cases of sore throat and flu (May 29th, 2014)

This Thursday, the New Humanity Crusade Foundation (FCNH fot its Spanish acronym) returned to Guasmo Norte to provide medical care to residents of the Cooperative `25 de Enero´ . Most of the people recorded diagnoses of pharyngitis and influenza, according to Dr. Virginia Clavijo.

Isabel Borquez attended the brigade and was diagnosed with pharyngitis. She said she has been sick for about two weeks but did not have the opportunity to go to a private medical center, so the symptoms continued to progress. “For us, who are in need, it´s very good that you come and provide us with medicines or make us medical checkups. Now that there is an outbreak of the influenza and sore throat virus, almost everyone is affected by this.”

Yolanda Gaete also attended the brigade along with two of her grandchildren, who present flu symptoms. “Besides the flu they feel down, they don´t want to eat and feel so sick,” said Gaete, who upon hearing that the FCNH would be there, asked permission to the school to take the kids to the foundation. “I am very grateful, we have the medicines after a very good attention,” she said.

In addition, the foundation of philanthropist Alvaro Noboa assisted today several cases of diabetes in older people and parasitic infections in children.