FCNH provides medical assistance in the Suburbio Norte sector (June 5th 2014)

The New Humanity Crusade Foundation (FCNH for its Spanish acronym) arrived with its medical brigades to the Suburbio Norte sector, and, in collaboration with the Spirit Community Committee, 125 people were assisted. This time, most of the attendees were children from 3 to 12 years old.

Teresa Polinario has been a member of the Spirit Community Committee for more than 40 years and has collaborated with the foundation of philanthropist Alvaro Noboa for 35 years. “We gathered with the community and used to take dressmaking courses. The foundation has always had us in mind. Two years ago the philanthropist (Alvaro Noboa) and his foundation brought bananas to the community and thus they are always helping,” she recalls.

Polinario stresses that the community is currently suffering from influenza and that motivated her to coordinate the activity with the committee. “I asked myself, How will I bring to my community the medical brigade led by philathropist Noboa? And I got in touch with the people of the foundation, who came today to help us,” she explains.

Cesar Lopez, a resident of the area, walked down the area and saw the brigade, so he decided to approach. “That´s the way all politicians should start: health. A healthy people progresses,” he added.

Similarly, Eric Mendez came with his wife and son to be assisted. “As long as the poor people are helped it´s okay. It is a good thing,” he said.