Foundation Cruzada Nueva Humanidad visits the Santa Maria Eufrasia School


This morning, the Foundation Cruzada Nueva Humanidad (FCNH), established and led by Alvaro Noboa, took its humanitarian mission to the Santa Maria Eufrasia public school, where it was provided medical care to 125 students of the first grade.

Dr. Jenny Arteaga checked the blood pressure of the little ones, with an age range of 4 to  6. According to the doctor, the children should have a blood pressure of 80/40, but some reaches 110, meaning, a high blood pressure condition.

“I recommend that the children be tested to reach a solution to counteract these results.

After the check-up, the kids were weighed and measured with the help of their teacher, Glenda Lema, and then they were examined by Dr. Virginia Clavijo, who said that most of the children suffer from tonsillitis, bronchial asthma and parasite infections.

Finally, Dr. Clavijo wrote the respective prescriptions and the teacher, Glenda Lema, managed the delivery of the free medicine to each examined student.