Inhabitants of the Centro Civico Cooperative receive medical care from FCNH


It was 10:05 in the morning when The Foundation Cruzada Nueva Humanidad (FCNH), founded an led by Alvaro Noboa, had provided medical care to almost 30 patients, of the 120 expected, in the Cooperative Centro Civico located in Guasmo Norte.

The patients calmly waited for their turn to be checked by Dr. Virginia Clavijo, despite the tiny space of the home where the mobile medical brigade had installed.

One they were provided with medical care, Dr. Clavijo determined that the respiratory conditions and bronchial processes were the most common among the children, while the elderly presented more cases of high blood pressure. She wrote a prescription for each patient so they can collect the free medicine to treat their respective conditions.

The beneficiaries were very grateful for the humanitarian gesture of Alvaro Noboa, because without this medical care, they could not treat their illnesses properly for the lack of money.