Medical Brigades from the Crusade for a New Humanity Foundation visited the Trinitaria Island


On last thursday 27, the medical brigades from the Crusade for a New Humanity Foundation, presided by businessman Alvaro Noboa, visited the cooperative 7 de Octubre located in the Trinitaria Island of Guayaquil.

More than one hundred people, between children, youth and senior citizens, were served by two doctors, who, prior to a short consultation, had the opportunity to receive a kit which contained medicines and vitamins, in accordance with their health problems.

That is the case of Antonia Arboleda, 40 years old, who apporached the brigades to ask for vitamins and some pain releivers for her bone affection.

Likewise, Abigail, a girl of 14 years old, said that she underwent a routine check up with the doctor, who prescribed her some medicines for her constant headaches and a sore throat. Abigail received her medicines right away from the medical brigades and thanked the work of the Foundation.

The situation of Isabel Conforme is a very special case. She didn’t have to stand in line, because she arrived with her parents, seniors with blood pressure problems. Sixto Conforme checked his blood pressure and with the help of his daughter explained his medical record; he had suffered from a cerebral thrombosis. Meanwhile, his wife, Cristina Choez, has diabetes and high blood pressure.

Both were served by the doctors and then they received medicines for their health conditions with the proper medical prescription.




I thank Alvarito Noboa and the Foundation because, the truth is that we need this medicines very much, as we are very poor and we have no money to buy them.

Thanks to the Foundation for giving sending us the brigades which we need very much.

We appreciate very much the work of the brigade, sometimes we don’t have enough money to buy the medicines or vitamins my husband needs for his heart, also for his blood pressure. We thank mister Alvaro Noboa for his presence in this neighborhood.

Thank you very much, I am very grateful and I hope that the medicines make me feel good.