Older adults receive assistance from the New Humanity Crusade Foundation

The foundation of philathropist Alvaro Noboa Ponton today visited the Communal House `25 de Enero,´  located in Guasmo Norte. This time, people from 60 to 90 years old were assisted.

Dr. Virginia Clavijo noted that the most common cases of the day were: blood pressure , diabetes and lung problems.

Delia Cabrera, 80, went to the brigade to ask for medicines for the bone pain caused by osteoporosis and discomfort in the column. “This is a blessing from God, that the foundation provides aids to us,  sometimes we don´t have enough money to buy medicines and we are old. Sometimes people forget us,” she said.

Just like her, Pompello Vera, 88, went to the brigade to be assisted due to a throat discomfort, because he was a smoker in his youth. Vera is blind and has been ill for several years, his wife was interested in bringing him to the brigade “because after several eye surgeries we have paid, we don´t have money to send him to the doctor.”

Washington Chavez, came after an accident that left his arm immobilized. “I already had the surgery and I constantly go to the checkups but do I need medicine. Now the economy is tough, so receiving the help of the brigades is very positive,” he said.

Residents appreciated the attention received and highlighted the great help it meant to them.