Álvaro Noboa delivers a Handicrafts Workshop to Latacunga

This Saturday, the New Humanity Crusade Foundation, which is presided over by businessman Álvaro Noboa, donated all the implements required to help Latacunga seamstress Maria de Lourdes Ronquillo establish a micro-enterprise.

As president of the New Humanity Crusade Foundation, the objective for Álvaro Noboa is to help people with scarce resources by giving them the equipment and implements that will allow them to establish their own businesses. I don’t give alms, I give work, he stated upon giving Maria de Lourdes Ronquillo a semi-professional sewing machine for the creating of handmade goods , textile fabrics and sewing requirements (cuts of fabric of different colors and textures, thread, needles, pots of rubber, silicon guns, cotton slipcovers) in order to expand the seamstress workshop of María de Lourdes Ronquillo. Besides all that, disposable diapers, and medicines for her one year old son.

The micro-enterprise is the way to get the poor out of poverty, to generate employment, and improve the quality of life, stated Álvaro Noboa. 



Álvaro Noboa:  I am here in Latacunga, Cotopaxi Province, together with Maria Lourdes Ronquillo, who has been abandoned by her husband and who also, unfortunately, has a sick child.

Therefore, we have resolved to assist her in the best way, which is to establish a micro-enterprise, a workshop for making crafts that will allow her to work from her own home and take care of her child at the same time. And for her son, we are bringing the medicines that will help with his illness.

Maria Lourdes Ronquillo:  Thank you, Counselor Noboa, that you allow me to get ahead, with your help I am going to be able to always be with my son and work from home. May God help you and may He repay you. Thank you very much.

Alvaro Noboa en Latacunga