Alvaro Noboa Foundation: Providing help for over 35 years

The Alvaro Noboa Foundation (Cruzada Nueva Humanidad) was created on November 21, 1977 by the social leader Alvaro Noboa, who began his social work by creating neighborhood libraries in the zones of  Guasmo, Fertisa, Flor de Bastión, and Malvinas. The goal is to bring tools to the community and to the people in need, for them to have ways to improve themselves.

After many years, the foundation doesn’t only focus on doing deeds or helping with their medical brigades. Let’s take a look at the case of Vicente Juraro, who received a loan from the foundation in order to develop his wheelchair fabrication company. Jurado is blind and works alone. His business was near bankruptcy, when the Alvaro Noboa Foundation helped him. He received money to improve his business, and help to have an eye operation.

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