Álvaro Noboa Supports Farmers

Businessman Álvaro Noboa is the president of the New Humanity Crusade Foundation, who  among his other objectives, supports micro-enterprises and generates employment and is touring the country to get closer to families who have projects they would like to undertake.

In the Naranjal region in the Guayas province, he delivered a watering tank and other tools to a family of farmers, during which he stated that the agrarian policy of the current government had not benefitted farmers.

“That means that farmers haven’t earned a cent in the last years.  The prices of supplies with which farmers work and other costs have shot up, while prices for end-products have dropped through the floor,” he indicated.

Álvaro Noboa repeated that the New Humanity Crusade Foundation has spent 33 years working to support the most needy and now provides reinforcement to undertakings with micro-enterprises in the cities, as well as the rural zones.

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