Alvaro Noboa and his people responsible for the Crusade for a New Humanity Foundation

Alvaro Noboa maintains very trusted people that works hard to bring solutions to the social needs of Ecuador. This circle of trust works daily in order to achieve all the golas set by the Crusade for a New Humanity Foundation.

Mariano Santos is in charge to analize all the loans given by the Foundation. He is also in charge of giving the checks in person. Alvaro Noboa and his foundation has given a lot of solutions to the poor and sick people. They have provided money, medical assistance, medicine, and accesories such as wheel chairs to help the community. The Foundation is also directed by his wife, Anabella Azín. She is in charge of developing food programs and to bring medical services to the poorest areas in Ecuador. Jenny Artega is one of the main directors of Crusade for a New Humanity Foundation.

The Alvaro Noboa Foundation maintains its headquarters at Barrio Centenario, and very soon it will open offices at Malecón.