Anthony Shriver Kennedy joins Alvaro Noboa in their fight for the integration of people with mental disabilities into the working life

From left to right: Dr. Annabella Azin, Alvaro Noboa, Anthony Shriver Kennedy and Alina Shriver.

From left to right: Dr. Anabella Azin, Alvaro Noboa, Anthony Shriver Kennedy and Alina Shriver.

Philanthropist Alvaro Noboa and his wife, Dr. Anabella Azín, announced at a press conference their future cooperatation with the Best Buddies Foundation, whose ultimate goal is the inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities in the corporate world.

Anthony Shriver Kennedy, leader of the Best Buddies Organization, visited Ecuador as part of his international crusade for people with mental disabilities and chose the Crusade for a  New Humanity Foundation to work in conjunction, organizing workshops for people with special abilities, and prepare them so they can conduct operational tasks.

Instructors of the Best Buddies Foundation will come to the country in the coming months to train Ecuadorian volunteers, in a tour that will cover the country.

Alvaro Noboa has created sources of employment in his companies to integrate people with disabilities into society. The businessman has also provided financial assistance for these to start their own business. In a symbolic act, the philanthropist handed lottery tickets to people with disabilities, as he told that his father at the age of 14, used to sell lottery, arguing that nothing stands to the power of will.

He also took a few minutes to share with Alex Lopez, 33, and Jaime Robayo, 40, who work in one of his companies as administrative assistants, indicating that they can resort to him when needed.

Best Buddies is an international non-profit organization whose main goal is to open pathways to employment and social integration for people with intellectual disabilities.