CNH Foundation Continues Supporting Low-Income People

Continuing its social work for the benefit of low-income people, the Crusade for a New Humanity Foundation, founded and chaired by businessman Alvaro Noboa and directed by Mariano Santos, continues supporting needy people. This Friday helped again with economic contributions to several people with health problems, who submitted applications.

Lady Cordovilla resived $ 110 for her relative Jouse Misco to buy equipment for his treatment of a spinal curvature.

Teresa Orellana, received financial aid to buy medicines to treat seizures. As well as Hellen Torres, who also received money for drugs required for a surgical treatment, while Hualcopo Muñoz, secured the funds to address a neurocitis problem.

The actions of the Crusade for a New Humanity Foundation are focused toward low-income people who don’t have money to buy medicine or pay medical treatments. It also supports entrepreneurial work, helping those who need capital to grow their businesses, creating jobs for themselves and their families.