Helps New Humanity Crusade Foundation

Teresa Orellana, 54, suffers from epileptic seizures, for that reason, she can not work, but thanks to the Foundation of businessman/philanthropist Alvaro Noboa, she will have her medications.
“I am grateful to Mr. Alvaro Noboa because I have the medicine to counteract the seizures.”
Maria Azucena Peréz, 55, can not pay the electricity bill due to her father’s illness since her priority is to pay for her father’s medicines.
“I´m very grateful. I thank Mr. Noboa, may God bless him and his life,” said Maria Azucena.
Mariana Mera, 42, sought help from the foundation to buy a verticalizer for her 15-year-old son who has cerebral palsy. She´s a housewife, and her husband has temporary jobs.
“I am very grateful to Mr. Alvaro Noboa for helping me.”
Julio Yunapanta, 44, thanked Cruza Nueva Humanidad for the wheelchair support for his wife who suffered a stroke and has half of his body paralyzed.
Liliana Alvarado, 35, underwent a pancreas surgery and is unable to gain weight. She must buy her vitamins even though she can not afford them. She is a single mother of 5 children and the only breadwinner in her household.
Josefa Vite, 77, will have her medications for the colon and liver. “I feel good. I´m thankful to Mr. Alvaro Noboa.