Jenny Arteaga, 30 years helping to help

Jenny Arteaga helping people with needs.

Jenny Arteaga helping people with needs.

She is a doctor in medicine and is convinced that her work is helping those who most need medical care; she has been part of the social work of the Foundation Cruzada Nueva Humanidad (FCNH) for 30 years, institution founded by businessman Alvaro Noboa and dedicated to provide free medical care to the poorest people of Ecuador.

Jenny Arteaga, 52 years old, started her work in the FCNH since she was in college. She was Annabella Azin’s classmate, who shortly after became the wife of Alvaro Noboa and got involved in the work of the Foundation which the businessman had created in order to thank God for all the blessings he had received from Him.

Doctor Arteaga remembers that when they started to serve patients in a medical clinic, they were about to graduate from the university. It was located in the sector Estrella de Belen, where there were no streets. Then, when Annabella married Alvaro, the mobile medical brigades were implemented which have visited every corner of Ecuador for more than 20 years.

She confesses that she has tried to teach the poor people how to prevent diseases in children, adults and old people; she organizes the medical brigades and she also likes to go to the places and provide care for the patients so she doesn’t loose contact with the reality of her country.

When she manages cases that need surgery, or rare diseases that need extra care, she contacts her many doctor friends who work in private clinics and hospitals so the patients can get specialized treatments.

Her work is focused in preventive medicine, which consists in providing medicines to cure diseases and also provide helpful advice to the patients so the diseases don’t become recurrent. In the cases of obesity, deliver pamphlets with information regarding the kind of food they need to eat to avoid future complications.

She never neglects the agenda of the medical brigades, neither the selection of the attending doctors appointed for each sector. If a phrase could define her, it would be that she was born to “help to help”.