The New Humanity Crusade Foundation assists

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Today, Friday, November 20, , chaired by businessman Alvaro Noboa, financially assisted people who approached to ask for help, as the case of Marlene Soria, 70 years old, who has a muscular atrophy and recently underwent a knee surgery, she is not currently working, so she requested financial help to buy her medicines. “I am very grateful to Mr. Alvaro Noboa, for the help as always I admire him,” were the words of Marlene.

Manuel Villamar, security guard at Del Litoral Bank, requested financial aid for his mother, Lucia Peralta, 79, who needed to cover the costs of X-rays and medical tests. Manuel is very grateful to the social assistance the foundation of Alvaro Noboa, “God bless the Mr. Noboa,” Manuel said.

Dolores Matamoros, 45, requested assistance to the foundation to buy medicine for her father in law, Pedro Vite, 73, who suffers from severe anemia and a kidney disease. “I thank God and Mr. Alvaro Noboa,” said Dolores grateful.