New Humanity Crusade Foundation helps people to buy drugs

Norma Morocho, 36, approached the foundation to seek assistance to fund the operation of her 12 year old son due to a perforated eardrum. She does not work and thanked God and Mr. Alvaro Noboa for the support.

Jose Bastidas, 52, will have his prosthetic leg that was amputated because of an accident. He expressed his joy at highlighting the labor of Mr. Noboa in the society.

Second Carvajal, 77, now may be operated from the urethra after eight months of being sick. “I am happy and I thank Alvaro Noboa, he always cares about the needy. Blessings to him and his family.

Maria Moreira, 64, requested financial to fix her home, located in the Sergio Toral Cooperative, since the roof of the back side of the house collapsed. She lives with her grandson and makes a living from selling food she prepares at home. “I am very happy, I thank Mr. Alvaro Noboa for the help.”