Alvaro Noboa continues providing financial assistance with his foundation – June 20, 2014

Jeremias Constante´s father decided to request financial assistance to the New Humanity Crusade Foundation, led by philanthropist Alvaro Noboa. “I need to buy a list of school supplies for my four-year-old son, I don´t have the money. I´m thankful for your help,” he said.

In addition, two more people were benefited. Haydee Mestanza , 65, who now lives with her ​​daughter, is unemployed. “I came to seek help because I am really sick and the economic situation is very difficult. I thank God and philanthropist Noboa because I admire so much the work he does,” she said with satisfaction for the aid received.

Adela Chavez, 18, was also benefited from financial assistance. She will take a hairstyling course so she can help her family. “I have a one-year-old son but I live in the house of my aunt and I do not have money to maintain us, not even for food, I need to study in order to start working,” she said.