Alvaro Noboa´s Foundation provides assistance to residents of the south of the city

The New Humanity Crusade Foundation, created by Philanthropist Alvaro Noboa, performed today a medical brigade. 125 people from the Cooperative Mélida Toral, in the south of Guayaquil, were assisted.

On this occasion, the foundation worked closely with the “God With Us” group of The San Jose church, located in `Las Malvinas,´ to provide medical care and medicines to residents of the sector.

Andrea Choez, member of the group, said: “We have a lot of needs here, there are many old people who are sick and I give thanks to God that we can work together with you to help people.”

Jessica Chalen went with her ​​5-year-old son who has pharyngitis symptoms. “I have already given him pills and medicines for a long time but there is no improvement, that’s why I brought him to the brigades,” she said.

Dr. Virginia Clavijo said that the most common cases of the day were: influenza, pharyngitis, parasites and high pressure in older adults.

Steven Lema, resident of the sector, stressed the prompt and timely service given by the foundation staff, led by philanthropist Alvaro Noboa, and said: “The attention has been very fast, it is not like attention in other places where you have to wait four hours to be given a diagnosis.”