Crusade for a New Humanity Foundation delivers financial donations

Carlos Enrique Bone received financial aid to purchase merchandise so that he could start working from home. Bone is disabled and requires a wheelchair so he finds it difficult to find work. “It’s hard to find a job, but I find the way to survive so I appreciate so much this help,” he said



Another beneficiary was Johnny Gaino who suffers from high blood pressure and diabetes. He came with his wife, with whom he gratefully received the money for his medicine.


Kenya Solorzano also received assistance from the foundation. She will undergo bladder surgery and does not have the money for the needed medical tests. The foundation considered her needs and offered to cover the costs. “The financial situation is more and more complicated and thanks to God and philanthropist Noboa ,now I feel at peace,” she said.


Sara Ayala also requested help for her 20-year-old daughter, who from the age of four has suffered from a terrible illness. “I am grateful to Mr. Noboa because since my daughter was a small girl,he has helped her with medicines. The empathy of Mr. Noboa is evident. ”



Jame Carriel and Angel Jimenez also received assistance to finance medication.