Crusade for a New Humanity Foundation donates a wheelchair

na Narcisa Muñoz, 50, received a wheelchair from Crusade for a New Humanity Foundation. She has problems with her legs, therefore, she has difficulties to walk.

“I thank God and Mr. Alvaro Noboa. I did not expect this help.”


Assistance for people


“I´m fine, I´m happy for the help given by the foundation Noboa and I wish that they go forward.”

Carlos Rubino, 64, requested help to buy medicines for his wife.


“I´m glad, I worked for Mr. Noboa, he is a good person.”

Mercedes Villarta, 60, a


“I feel happy because with this help I will thrive with my own business.”

Eusebio Victoriano, 63 years old

Requested assistance to start a fast food business.


“I feel very good. I´m grateful to Mr. Noboa.”

Marlene Soria, 61 years old

Medicines for osteoarthritis.


“I´m very happy and grateful to Mr. Noboa.”

Pedro Montalvo, 60 years old

He will be able to buy the medication for his brother who suffers from diabetes.


“Thanks to Mr. Alvaro Noboa and his foundation. I´m very happy because be able to afford my wife´s therapy.”

Ruffo Ramirez, 53 years old

He will be able to pay for the therapy and medication of his wife who suffered from a stroke.


“Thanks to God and Mr. Alvaro Noboa, thanks to his foundation.”

Javier Vera, 47 years old

He will buy merchandise to sell it.


“I´m happy, contented and calm. I´m very grateful to Mr. Noboa. ”

Erika Suarez, 42 years old

She will be able to pay for her chemotherapy treatment. She has breast cancer.


“Thanks to . Alvaro Noboa and his foundation my friend will be able to buy all her daughter needs to undergo a colostomy.”

Carlos Cambindo, 39 years old


“I´m very contented and grateful to God and Mr. Alvaro Noboa.”

Dominga Salazar, 31 years old

She will pay her utilities in arreas


“Thank God and I thank Mr. Noboa. May God protect him.”

Irene Andrade, 67 years old

Disabled, will pay a legal process


“I feel very happy for the support of Mr. Noboa.”

Digna Rosado, 50 years old

She will be able to buy the medication for her asthmatic daughter


“I´m very grateful because my daughter will continue studying. Thanks to Mr. Noboa.”

Beatriz Martinez, 47 years old

She has a disabled daughter


“I feel very grateful and happy because I will be able to buy my medicines.” I am epileptic and this impedes me to work.”

Teresa Del Pilar, 56 years old


“I am very grateful to God and to .” Alvaro Noboa, my nephew will have his school supplies.”

Carlos Borja, 32 years old


“I feel happy. I thank God, and Mr. Noboa.”

Hilda Teram, 69 years old

She will continue your medical treatment