Employment and Education

Entrepreneur loan given by Alvaro Noboa

The Crusade for a New Humanity Foundation is a personal mission of peace, love, and well being, in addition tothe aid that the Foundation offers. It also helps to improve the lifestyle of others by encouraging the growth of small businesses like “Friends of the Lord (Amigos del Señor),”,a group sponsored by the Crusade that has helped Luis Toalombo to improve his life by giving him an interest free loan, so that he can start his own business. Toalombo has been a professional cobbler for 15-years.

The loan helped him to improve his life with a business of his own, Calzado Tauro, ocated in his house so that he provides services to every person of his sector. Toalombo also participates in fairs in the city.

Don Luis ihas been a member of the group “Friends of the Lord” since 1995. S several pictures show how this group delivers several baskets with food and medicines to people that need them in poor areas such as Guasmo Central.

Luis Toalombo had health problems recently so the Crusade for a New Humanity Foundation sent a team to monitor him. The Crusade is buying all the medicines that Toalombo, aged 65, needs to live well.



For many years the Foundation has donated computers with printers and Internet services to state schools. This offers the poorest students of the country an essential tool for improving the quality of their education.

200 computers with printers and Internet access have been donated to state schools in many different parts of the country:  Guayaquil, La Troncal, Guabo, Huaquillas, Piñas, Zaruma, Salinas, Samborondón, Santa Lucía, Yaguachi, Pedro Carbo, Santa Fe de Galan, Guamote, Naranjito, San Miguel, Eloy Alfaro, Atacames, Montúfar, El Triunfo, Antonio Ante, Cotacachi, Calvas, Catamayo, Saraguro, Paltas, Puyo, Morona, Tena, Orellana, Shushufindi, Buena Fe, Mocache, Baba, Paute, Gualaceo, Sigsig, Píllaro, La Mana, Biblian, Pichincha, 24 de Mayo, Rocafuerte, Flavio Alfaro,Tosagua, Pedernales, Montecristi, San Vicente, Pedro Moncayo, Baños, Patate, Quero, Montalvo, Palenque, Balao, Marcelino Maridueña, Simón Bolívar, Jujan, Palestina, Lomas de Sargentillo, Colimes, Nobol, Saquisilí, Sighos, Pangua, Rio Verde, SanLorenzo, Muisne, Pimampiro, Urcuquí, Gonzanamá, Espíndola, Macará, Celica, Puyango, Portovelo, Arenillas, Nabón, Girón, Santa Isabel (La Unión), Chunchi, Pallatanga, Chillanes, Chimbo, Echeandía, Caluma, Zamora, Yanzatza, Sucia, Gualaquiza, Joyas de los Sachas, Archidona, Espejo, Bolívar, Mira.

In addition, 101 community libraries and educational facilities teaching computer sciences have been created through union groups. The establishment of literacy brigades has also been encouraged.