FCNH grants checks for school supplies and medical treatments (July 4th, 2014)

The New Humanity Crusade Foundation, founded by philanthropist Alvaro Noboa, today granted checks to people in need.

Bella Tello, requested financial assistance for her ten years old grandson, who is handicapped and studies in La Floresta II School. “Since classes began I have not been able to send him to school because I have not had money to buy everything he needs.” With this financial support, she will be able to acquire school supplies and uniforms to send her grandson to school. “He (Alvaro Noboa), who is not the President, fairly helps the poor and most disadvantaged people. I always have him in my prayers,” she said gratefully.

Just like her, Jenniffer Gomez came to the foundation with the purpose of getting the money she needs to buy the school supplies of her three children. “I’m a single mom and it’s hard to financially provide my children, that´s why I appreciate so much the support they give to us.”

Sixto Florencia Ramirez also received aid for his brother, Pedro Florencia, who is sick of dengue fever, and does not have the money to afford the required treatment for the disease.