FCNH provides financial assistance

Thanks to the help of the Foundation of businessman Alvaro Noboa, Rosa Velez will be able to pay the surgery of her 2 year old grandson, who has a hernia. The child’s parents work but do not have enough money to pay for the surgery. “I feel happy, this was not within our reach, I am grateful to the foundation”.

Manuel Lizaso, 44, will now be able to start his DVD sales business with the help of the foundation. Saul Giler, 55, will pay for the education of his last child, who attends high school. He lost his job and because of his age it has not been easy to get one. He expressed his joy and gratitude to God and Mr. Noboa.

Roland Gaspar, 17, asked for help to buy a list of school supplies. He lives alone with his mother and a younger brother. He said he was happy to receive the support of the foundation.

Zanaida Hernandez, 70, lives alone, and receives the occasional help of her daughter, so she requested assistance to buy a washing machine in order to offer the laundry service from home. “I am very happy, this is useful for me to solve my expenses.”

Luz Maria Vacual, 79, will be able to buy the medicines for her liver disease. “It makes me want weep, because I am poor, I live alone. I am grateful for the help received.”