Financial assistance for people of limited resources



Ismael Sánchez Romero, 52, requested financial assistance for surgery because of a hernia. Previously, Sánchez received help for a previous surgical procedure. “I am grateful for this help, God bless Mr. Noboa to help the poor, thank you very much,” were his words.


Sara Ayala, 56, sought help to buy medicine for her daughter, who was recently operated. “I thank Mr. Alvaro Noboa for helping me, God bless him,” said Sara very moved.


Maria Rodríguez, 72, requested for financial assistance to pay her electricity bill. “Thank you very much for this help,” said a grateful Maria.


Segundo Carvajal, 79 and blind, requested financial help to buy merchandise so he can work as a street vendor. “The foundation always cares for the neediest, thank you very much,” said Segundo warmly.


Hector Ruiz, 71, and blind, requested for financial aid to build the sewage system in his home. “Mr. Alvaro Noboa has a big heart, he´s always helping people, I’m very grateful,” said Hector.


Miguel Escalante, a 34, and blind, sought financial assistance to buy merchandise, as he is a street vendor. In this regard, Miguel said: “I thank you with all my heart for your kindness and I commit myself to get ahead, thank you very much.”


Juan Martinez, 63, asked for financial help in his fight against diabetes, as one of his legs has been amputated. “Thank you very much, I thank the foundation of Mr. Alvaro Noboa, God bless you all.”


Narcisa Muñoz, 50, sought help because he suffers from a skin disease. The foundation led by businessman and philanthropist Alvaro Noboa gave Narcisa medicines and personal care supplies.

“I thank God and Mr. Alvaro Noboa for his constant support,” were the words of Narcisa.