Medical Brigade arrives with aid to Floresta II

From Tuesday 8:30, the inhabitants of the Floresta II neighborhood gathered at the Mother´s Park to welcome the brigade of the New Humanity Crusade Foundation, led by philanthropist Alvaro Noboa Ponton.

Azucena Aguirre, a resident of the sector said: “We came because my grandchildren are sick of tonsillitis due to the bad weather. We liked it because doctors gave them the diagnosis and provided the medicines.”

Miriam Armas, who came along with Aguirre, was concerned about her son, who hit his head, so she wanted to check if he was okay. “I’m more calmed because I was told there is no problem, they helped us with drugs for my son and my daughter. The service is very good, better than when you go to the hospital. I appreciate the help of the Foundation of philanthropist Alvaro Noboa,” she said.

Similarly, Cira Gomez, 83, came to have a medical checkup. She has high pressure and osteoporosis.

Dr. Jenny Arteaga took care of several patients and noted that the most frequent cases of the day included hypertension and diabetes in older adults. The children presented influenza and skin problems. The brigade was attended by children from 3 months old to 83 year old seniors who needed medical attention.