The Foundation of Alvaro Noboa provides financial assistance

Yaneth Montalvo, 49, can buy the medications for her bones sore, she is not currently working, for this reason she came to the foundation, of which she is grateful. “May God bless all those involved in this work,” were the words of gratitude from Yaneth.

Francisco Avila Cedeno, 54, lives alone with his wife, he does not work and can not afford the medicines for his colon treatment. “Thanks to God and the people who work in the foundation,” Francisco said.

Catalina Matomoros, 50, has the Stiffness disease (whic affects bones), and came for the second time to the New Humanity Crusade Foundation in order to buy the drugs for her medical treatment.

“I am very happy, I thank Mr. Noboa, who is a very good person, for doing this good work,” said Catalina. Jorge Maldonado approached the foundation of Alvaro Alvaro _ to purchase the books of his child. Despite he works, he does not have enough money to cover all his expenses. He said he was very grateful to Alvaro Noboa and all who make up the foundation.